Pankratz Management Group
Pankratz Management Group
Data is everywhere. Protecting it is everything.

pankratz management group

protects your essential business applications and data, delivering uninterrupted access when and where you need it;



From your personal work product to the software and connections you depend on, our total data protection makes your business invincible, secure, and instantly restorable at any time.

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Would your business suffer if you suddenly lost the use of  your computer?  Would it be hard to stay billable and meet deadlines?  Could you remember all your passwords and connect to all your client and vendor web-sites?    Can you picture yourself calling your clients to tell them their data was lost, stolen, infected or corrupted?  

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The reality is that computer failure, loss, corruption happens every single day and is surprisingly disruptive to owners’  business endeavours.

Stop putting your hard earned business reputation at risk and listen to your CEO or insurance provider and put a simple yet effective Business Continuity Plan in place for less than you spend on parking.